Pod Jagger x Hanon "Space Biscuits"


Raffle ended on 28/01/2022 Pod Jagger x Hanon "Space Biscuits" Raffle ended on 28/01/2022

HANON x POD Jagger 'Space Biscuit'

This January, for the first time, HANON present a psychedelic take on cult British brand Product of Desire’s Jagger silhouette, dubbed the ‘Space Biscuit’. 

Dovetailing rather nicely with our recent collaborative efforts where we explored the uniquely British institution that is the Working Men’s Club and the enduring influence of football on style in the UK, we follow up with another project close to the cultural fabric of these isles. 

Inspired by the cultural phenomenon of rave, the late 1980’s gave birth to Acid House, a movement that gripped the country and changed the cultural landscape beyond recognition. Set against the backdrop of disused industrial spaces, new sounds emanating from Chicago and liberated ways of thinking transformed these spaces and those who passed through them into another world. 

Founded in London in 1976, ‘POD’ as it’s affectionately known derives its name from the phrase ‘Product of Desire’. The original POD shoe was created as a reaction against the platform shoes and flares trend that had become popular in the early 1970s. Favoured by soul boys - a working-class subculture - that bears quite a few similarities to what would come next, almost a precursor if you will, to the Acid House scene that would kick off in both the North and South. 

For our collaboration with POD, we rework the brand’s Jagger style. First produced in 1976, the Jagger is POD’s most iconic design, and our HANON iteration is manufactured in the same Portuguese factory where the original model was produced. 

The POD Jagger ‘Space Biscuit’ will be offered only by HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE which will begin on Friday 21st January and end on Friday 28th January. Each pair will be presented in a custom box, branded tissue paper, two lace sets, and a sticker set. 

  • POC24063AA01PGHN
  • Brick Suede
  • Price: £130.00.
Raffle ended on 28/01/2022

'Post Industrial Playgrounds'

Our 'Space Biscuit’ Jagger features a double dunt of nostalgia as we draw on the Acid House rave scene of the late 80’s and 90’s and use this as an inspiration to spec the shoe in true HANON style. Inspired by the construction of disused mills and warehouses where the parties raged, the upper is dressed fully in brick red rich suede. 

Detailing arrives via a Flame branded leather looped tongue label with bar tack stitch, alternating HANON & POD debossed leather tabs, and a purple leather lining. Further branding has been applied along the collar by way of a debossed ‘Product of Desire’ callout, a set of dual-branded leather laminate footbeds featuring a custom POD logo print evoking the graphics on posters and clothing from that era. Lastly, a custom heel window has been made allowing for both HANON & POD script branding against an apt era-friendly vibrant tie-dye effect. 

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