Karhu Aria 95 x Moomins "But No High Hill"


Launched on 21/02/2020 Karhu Aria 95 x Moomins "But No High Hill" Launched on 21/02/2020

Karhu Aria 95 x The Moomins 

Inspired by Tove Jansson’s Moominland Midwinter book, Karhu and Moomin are launching its newest collaboration on Saturday, the 22nd of February. Karhu skis were one of the first produced items in a small workshop located in downtown Helsinki, where locally sourced birch was transformed into winter forms of transport. Worn by world champions, skiing has helped to shape the brand. After searching through Moomin Character’s rich digital archive, the Karhu design team was attracted by the ski drawings from the “Moominland Midwinter” book from 1957. In this story, Moomin troll overcomes his amazement and isolation, and with the help of the wise Too-ticky and the fearless Little My, begins to explore the glittering new landscape. For this project, the Karhu team chose the Aria 95, a mid-90s runner which features a monosock construction. The monosock not only provides added comfort, but it also reminded the Karhu team of the hill, on which Moomintroll was taught how to ski. Even though he explicitly stated, “But no high hill”, his first attempt was still an unfortunate one.

The online raffle for the Karhu Aria 95 x The Moomins will be live until Friday 21st  February 12:00GMT.

  • F803063
  • Rainy Day/Stellar
  • Price: £125.00.
Launched on 21/02/2020

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