Clarks Wallabee x Wu Wear "Brown Multi"


Launched on 19/07/2019 Clarks Wallabee x Wu Wear "Brown Multi" Launched on 19/07/2019

Clarks Wallabee x Wu Wear

As icons break through the noise and make a cultural impact, but maintaining relevancy is what defines their place in today's world, Clarks Originals believe the Wu-Tang Clan's distinctive and often boundary pushing rhymes are traits that have attributed to their status as archetypal figures within their field. From one icon to another, the Wallabee has preserved its heritage and stayed true to its roots yet continues to maintain its relevance in a modern world. When two icons collide, it gets written in history.

The Clarks Originals x Wu Wear has been inspired by the Wu Tang Clan's 'Ice Cream' and 'Glaciers of Ice' lyrics. The creation of these designs has utilised the idea of melting, swirling ice cream and colour references from the flavours mentioned in these iconic songs.

The online raffle for the Clarks Wallabee x Wu Wear will be live until Friday 19th of July 12:00BST.

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  • Price: £129.00.
Launched on 19/07/2019

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