Adidas ZX 10,000 Krusty Burger


Launched on 11/02/2021 Adidas ZX 10,000 Krusty Burger Launched on 11/02/2021

adidas ZX 10,000 Krusty Burger

Krusty Burger knows about receiving honours, winning titles for the "Unhealthiest Restaurant in the World" and laying claim to the Official Meat-Flavoured Sandwich. Part of the A-ZX series, the Simpsons' beloved and very questionable restaurant gets a new honour with this ZX 10,000.

The bold lines create an exaggerated, cartoonish look, emphasised with details that bring the restaurant to life, or at least your feet. The embroidery looks like sesame seeds. the chenille could be mistaken for Krusty's wild green hair, and Krusty Burger lace jewels complete the shoe.

The online raffle for the adidas ZX 10,000 Krusty Burger will be live until Thursday 11th February 12:00GMT.

  • H05783
  • Price: £100.00.
Launched on 11/02/2021

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