Adidas Consortium ZX4000 OG


Launched on 07/12/2018 Adidas Consortium ZX4000 OG Launched on 07/12/2018

adidas Consortium ZX4000 OG

adidas Consortium celebrate the ZX series, recognized around the world as one of the most iconic series of running shoes in history. First brought to life in 1989 during a time defined by its technological advances across various fields, the first ZX shoe merged adidas’ sports-driven craftsmanship with high-performance functionality in an approach that continues to inspire new adidas breakthroughs to this day. From the suede-reinforced nylon mesh uppers and ghilly lacing down to the dual-density EVA midsole and individually encased rubber studs on the outsole, the shoe set a benchmark in the running arena for years to come.

  • D97734
  • Grey/Core Black/Bright Cyan
  • Price: £99.00.
Launched on 07/12/2018

The Legacy'

Up until 1989, cushion, support and guidance were all combined into one shoe. When Torsion was born, adidas had developed different shoes designed specifically for different needs - like the ZX7000G for guidance, ZX8000C for cushion, and ZX9000S for support. These pioneering running shoes were the first of their kind on the market, the first biochemical shoes with Torsion technology that worked with the natural independent motion of the heel and the forefoot to create greater stability and control."

To add to this revolutionary design was the Torsion bar embedded into the centre of the midsole. This key feature changed running shoes forever, it prevented excessive unnatural twisting and ensured flexibility at the ball of the foot. Prior to Torsion technology, conventional running shoes restricted energy transfer with the rigidity of the soles. When running on uneven surfaces, the feet were forced into an unnatural position resulting in higher loads to the locomotive apparatus and unfavourable loading conditions."

The Future'

The first of the new ZXs arrives on the 30th anniversary of the 1989 release, capturing the style, spirit and sporting excellence of the series within a contemporary new context.  A faithful one-to-one resurrection of the original ZX4000 shoe, it features all the iconic qualities listed above, rendered in the best of adidas’ current-day materials. Thirty years ago, the ZX4000 was at the forefront of footwear design; today adidas Consortium returns it to its rightful place at the head of the table.