Adidas Consortium Runner 4D


Raffle ended on 20/11/2018 Adidas Consortium Runner 4D Raffle ended on 20/11/2018

adidas Consortium Runner 4D

The final instalment from the adidas Consortium Runner 4D series is an inhouse model. This follows on from SNS, Invincible, Foot Patrol and KITH earlier in the season.

The online raffle for the adidas Consortium Runner 4D will be live from 14:00GMT on Monday 19th November until Tuesday 20th November at 12:00GMT.

  • D96972
  • Price: £349.00.
Raffle ended on 20/11/2018

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adidas Consortium Runner 4D features a sport-inspired geometric lattice structure, that provides stability, support and pin-point energy return, precisely where needed during the most challenging training run or workout. For exact, controlled energy return - the intricate lattice structure and responsive cushioning absorbs pressure from any angle and returns energy, propelling the foot forward and supporting movement where needed.

Klaus Rolshoven, director of the envelope pushing Future Design division remarked " 4D is our most ambitious midsole to date. What started out as a conceptual FUTURECRAFT innovation, has not only allowed us to completely re-think our manufacturing processes, but to create a data-driven experience that breaks new ground in performance capability and comfort.”

The adidas 4D midsole is printed with light and oxygen, using Digital Light Synthesis, a technology pioneered by Carbon (partnership first announced in April 2017). Digital Light Synthesis is a breakthrough process that uses digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics and programmable liquid resins to print high-performance, durable polymeric products. The process uses data to translate the needs of a performance category, and eventually individual athlete or consumer, with the required movement, cushioning and stability directly in to a midsole.

A super-lightweight upper that encases your foot in a seamless sock-like fit - providing the support and comfort needed during sharp lateral movements and tight turns. Each thread is individually constructed millimeter by millimeter with FORGEFIBER - a process using TPU-coated yarn, that maximizes performance when stitched at various angles and layers for ultimate strength in motion. The Continental rubber outsole draws on 140 years of Continental tire technology and research - with engineered traction zones to support deeper cuts and faster acceleration, regardless of surface terrain or weather.